Secrets and Tragedies

Story of the failed Russian lunar mission

Luna 15 through the eyes of an Artist

Soviets were second to none :

The Soviets won the space race in the “Literal” sense
  • On 3rd November 1957, they launched “Sputnik 2”, which carried the first biological organism “Laika-Dog” to space. Though being a suicide mission, the Russians still proved their mettle when it came to technological developments in ridiculously short time frames.
  • They also sent the first man to orbit “Yuri Gagarin”, who made a 108-min orbit flight on the Vostok 1 spacecraft.

The Sinister secret…

The fact is that John F Kennedy was indirectly responsible for declaring the prime objective of the space race. His vision was to aim for the lunar surface. This goal at that time seemed far more significant than mere orbital flights. Furthermore, such a mission was beyond just testing spaceflight capability; it had the enormous potential to foster posterity for future space explorations.

Disaster unfolds

Russia was a land plagued by revolutions.

The final push…

The lunar surface was only a glitch in the matrix for Luna 15

The truth hurts

A terrain which fulfils & shatters dreams

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