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Humans have always been on a constant endeavor to discover life outside earth. Currently, we are in a pursuit of exploring the toxic clouds of Venus, the devilish terrains of Mars and the Voyager probes from the 1970s have already crossed interstellar space.

But history also tells us that humans are notoriously good at exploring the unknown whilst overseeing the obvious !

So in this context the lunar surface is naturally the closest celestial terrain which has been prodded upon but never explored.

Lunar facts

Generally the moon is fantasized as an enchanting celestial body fixated in the lonely sky. But…

Deciphering the mystery from unconventional perspectives

The fate of Titanic through the eyes of an artist

What “Exactly” happened to the Titanic ?

At first glance this may appear as a question with a conspicuous answer. We can say that RMS Titanic was a ship that had an unfavorable day and reached the gateways of hell due to an intimate nudge from a chunk of ice. But clearly this reasoning is not very credible.

Do you really think that a 52 thousand ton ship that’s 230 m long, 25 stories high with bleeding edge design for its time, and which took 2.5 years to build would fall prey to a 100 feet iceberg which is lighter than…

The rise and fall of Cyanogen Mod

The updated logo of Cyanogen

For almost a decade now Android has pushed the forefronts of technological development and has evolved, dramatically enough that’s its significance is unfathomable in this digital era. Having the heart and soul of google, android comprises some of the most rudimentary features and applications which have made our lives easier and productive. But naturally there is always something bigger, faster and better than what meets the eye.

The origin story of Custom ROMs

The true essence of android is that it is an open source (i.e. the entire source code can be modified by anyone who is interested and google won’t mind).

Understanding the significance of False memories

What you think may not be true …

Memories are perceived as magical recordings of treasured or traumatic events, It is natural to believe that they have been documented and stored with astonishing accuracy and clarity. But it is this fervid belief of ours that blinds us from accepting the fact that our memories could be victimized to fallacy as well.

This unusual situation leads to a condition called “False memory”, a peculiar state in which your thoughts are distorted, and you start to perceive and remember incidents that never happened.

Is False memory a fact or fantasy ?

As bizarre as it may sound, memory fallibility is a problem…


A fictional depiction of a black hole from the movie “Interstellar”

Black holes are undoubtedly one of the most stupefying astronomical phenomena till date. For over a century numerous astrophysicists have been intrigued by the unconventional science behind black holes and have willingly dedicated their research to understand it.

The origin story

Like most discoveries in astronomy, the idea of black holes was instigated when the inquisitive eyes of a scientist meets a mystifying problem. In this case the problem was mathematical in nature, and oddly solving equations on a piece of paper seemed to make scientists interpret cosmic phenomena occurring light years away !

So just to brush the details, In 1915…

Story of the failed Russian lunar mission

Luna 15 through the eyes of an Artist

We are well aware of the illustrious Apollo 11’s moon landing. This mission was groundbreaking that it officially marked the end of the space race and also fulfilled a national goal proposed by John F. Kennedy.

The prime objective of Apollo 11 was to send a manned spacecraft to collect lunar samples. Till date, most people believe that the Americans were the only ones who were present on the lunar surface at that time period. Astonishingly USSR which was America’s arch-rival in the space race made sure that Apollo 11 astronauts were not alone during their monumental feat!

Soviets were second to none :


The overwhelming darkness exists

The significance of what’s unknown …

It’s very common to see people preach that “seeing is believing”, but that phrase in the cosmological context would be dangerously close to “ invalid ”. The reason behind this is quite simple , everything seen and perceived in this universe since the dawn of humanity accounts to only 5% of the matter , the rest 95 % is composed of mysterious substances called Dark Matter and Dark energy .

Let’s make an attempt to understand this :

Before we jump in let’s get a hold of the two most important conclusions in physics :

Gravity is not a force , but rather a consequence of the curvature…

Science / Biology

An organism that defied the laws of science — Turritopsis dohrnii

For generations humans have been on a constant quest to achieve immortality. Conquering death is a question that every civilization has tried to address . But unfortunately all our valiant attempts to achieve this paranormal state has been futile .

But in the late 1990’s Nature gave us a real surprise to make sure this quest continues for generations to come .

The gifted one...

We may be guessing whether achieving immortality has to do something with bizarre cryogenics or Egyptian mummies, but interestingly it so happens that our nature holds the answer to this very question as well.

There is a particular…


Bose QC35-Active noise cancellation headphone

Since the advent of urbanization humanity has been experiencing a substantial increase in the level of noise pollution. Scientific data states that the average hearing noise level is currently at 98 decibels(dB) , this is significantly higher to the WHO standard of 50 dB for residential areas. Noise cancellation is an expensive yet effective way of catering to this issue .

What is Noise cancellation, and where is it used?

In simple terms, noise cancellation is the process of suppressing noise or unwanted ambient sounds using soundproofing materials or Active noise control (More on that later …)

This technology is developed to generally protect people from an orchestra of…

Atmospheric science

“ A lethal yet intriguing phenomena …“

A “pale grey swirling column of air forming in the backdrop of dark thunderclouds is the last thing anyone would want to see .The sheer brutality of a tornado is witnessed more than 1200 times every year in the US itself , but unfortunately predicting one is exceptionally difficult

The origin story...

The main factors that are needed for a tornado to form are

  • A localized thunderstorm (loads of moisture content !)
  • Crosswinds (preferably perpendicular in direction)
  • Significant temperature difference with increasing altitude
  • And finally some luck! (Factors beyond simple science)

Why are tornadoes extremely difficult to predict?

Firstly weather prediction is done by numerical methods (statistical analysis)

Steps involved…

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