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Hi, I am an engineer by profession and a content writer by passion . I enjoy writing about arcane topics from a wide spectrum of domains !

Personal review of one of the best indie games of the decade

Dissecting the Netflix blockbuster that exposed what others deny

Lunar facts

The fate of Titanic through the eyes of an artist

What “Exactly” happened to the Titanic?

The rise and fall of Cyanogen Mod

The updated logo of Cyanogen

The origin story of Custom ROMs

What you think may not be true …

Is False memory a fact or fantasy ?

A fictional depiction of a black hole from the movie “Interstellar.”

The origin story

Story of the failed Russian lunar mission

Luna 15 through the eyes of an Artist

Soviets were second to none :


The overwhelming darkness exists

The significance of what’s unknown …

Let’s attempt to understand this :

Science / Biology

An organism that defied the laws of science — Turritopsis dohrnii

The gifted one...

Kishore Madavan

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